Frank McCarty: Guitars


Flamenco Mexicano (1987) [22:54]

  1. Quarter = 116-120
  2. Quarter = 90

Larry Almeida, Ed Stephenson, Paul Grove, Mark Mazzatenta, guitars.

Wiley A. Sykes, Steve Kirkman, John Feddersen, percussion; Diana Gannett, string bass.


Paraphrase Duos for Two Guitars (1986) [15:02]

  1. after Rameau [4:20]
  2. Nara Image [6:25]
  3. Mississippi [4:17]

Larry Almeida and Paul Grove, guitars


6.   De Monumento - A.S. for improvising classical guitarist and tape (1988)

Larry Almeida, guitar


Bobby Kelly, recordist for Flamenco Mexicano. Frank McCarty, recordist for Paraphrase Duos and De Monumento. Tape for De Monumento engineered on the Synclavier by Hayden Clement. All editing and mixing bythe composer. Thomas Rowan, Sound Lab Studio, Greenboro, N.C. - final production.


Total Duration: 48:15.