McCarty: On The Other Hand


On The Other Hand (1986) [19:52] Scenes de Musique for Chamber Orchestra


1.     Semaphore [3:26]

2.     Escape [:42]

3.     Vaudeville 1 [:58]

4.     Vaudeville 2 [:57]

5.     Endings [3:49]

6.     Tombeau [10:02]

Debra Reuter-Pivetta, flute and piccolo; Anna Lampidis, oboe; Kelly J. Burke, clarinet; Ron Rudkin, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone; Lisa Leonard, piano; Christopher Deane and Wiley A. Sykes, percussion; Fabrice B. Dharamraj, Jean Sykes, Wendy Rawls and Andrew Emmett, violins; Sally Peck and Scott Rawls, violas; Elizabeth Anderson, cello; John P. Spuller, contrabass.


Russell Peck, Beverly Naiditch, Chris Kingsley, production assistance.


Conducted by the Composer.



7. TAKEOFF (1978) for Orchestra and Electronics [20:01]



Bobby Kelly, recordist.   All editing by the composer.   Thomas Rowan, Sound Lab Studio, Greensboro, NC - mix and final production.


Total duration: 40:01.